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Jonathan's DTS Testimony

On my DTS Outreach I went to the Philippines on the island of Manila. We were doing evangelism on the beach one day. I was talking with four fishermen with a translator. We introduced ourselves and one of the fishermen’s name was David. I then began to share the story of David and Jonathan and how they were friends. I then shared that this is what God wants from us to be our friend. I asked them if they wanted to be friends with God.

They said yes, and I shared more about Jesus and what it meant to be a friend of Jesus.

I was able to pray for them to invite Jesus to be their friend and Lord and Savior. I then went back a couple more times to encourage them and give them a Bible and meet one of the YWAM staff members there to disciple them. On the last visit when I gave the Bible and had them meet the YWAM staff member, I encouraged them the importance of reading the Bible because it is God’s word and that is one of the ways we grow in knowing God more. The YWAM staff agreed to meet with them regularly to go over the Bible with them and helped them grow in knowing God more.

It was an encouragement to be able to use a simple Bible story to share the gospel. It taught me that knowing Bible stories can be an effective way to share the gospel.


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